The Paris of the Grand Parisians

The Saint Ouen flea market district, which has become our genuine headquarters, reminds us of our much-loved Brooklyn (MOB first saw the light of day there in December 2009 in Boerum Hill). Saint Ouen, a lively and vibrant district of Greater Paris, is a cultural avant-garde setting with its many artists and designers. An economic centre in the making, the district will be accommodating the Olympic Village in 2024, the regional council and numerous head offices.

Entrepreneurs who are thirsty for freedom, families in search of space and tourists who are curious about Greater Paris, a Paris which is less of a caricature than the Paris of museums – the MOB HOUSE is open to you. Welcome!


Saint Ouen Social ecology territory

The very history of the flea market introduces a challenge that could not be more current – this aberration where we consume so much, our throw-away culture, without worrying about the future life of potential items we coldly consign to the rubbish bin.

Driven by the architect Haussmann towards "the zone", in other words the suburbs, the rag and bone men, those who were later to run the flea markets, adapted by creating the most virtuous model thought of to date for the consumption of goods – the concept of recycling, giving items a second lease of life.
Saint Ouen is, for the MOB, the ideal city which transforms the social ecology specific to its movement into reality. We therefore logically decided to make it our headquarters with the MOB HOTEL and then the MOB HOUSE.


Flea market

The Saint-Ouen flea market is considered the best jumble sale in the world. It is a Parisian icon that is as well known as the Eiffel Tower, but which is however much more disconcerting at first glance. Halfway between a bazaar and a ultra-luxurious indoor exhibition, the legendary Paris flea market – or "Les Puces", as it is nicknamed by Parisians – is an exceptional temple to shopping with an area equivalent to seven blocks-worth of New York buildings.

With industrial garages, lean-tos resembling souks, and even postmodern-era wonders crafted from glass and steel, this disorderly profusion of architectural styles testifies to the gradual transformation of this former slum into 14 distinct markets. This extraordinary vernacular architecture offers a contrast as striking as it is rudimentary compared to the imposing stonework of central Paris. The quite frankly unmissable Paul-Bert Serpette Market is the symbol of this avant-garde philosophy.



L’université Paris Dauphine pose ses valises à deux pas du MOB HOUSE pour y installer une résidence étudiante de 190 lits. Appartements à partager, collocation, chambres privées. L’université travaille l’esprit d’entraide par un co-living nouvelle génération. De notre côté, de véritables synergies se créent et MOB HOUSE vous convie aux plénières de l’université ! La culture est sans limite !



An accessible organic hotel built around large outdoor spaces. An organic Karlito @mobhotel canteen whose ingredients are certified as being of 95% organic origin can be found on the highest level. There are vegetable gardens for the neighbours, a henhouse producing fresh eggs for breakfast and a wide-ranging programme of cultural events and meetings. In short, it’s an accessible hotel that is open to its environment and to its neighbours.

The reason our two projects, MOB HOTEL and MOB HOUSE, are being built a few metres from each other is because they are jointly helping to write a single novel together, with social ecology as the foundation. This general public, popular, democratic and unifying version of the MOB HOTEL is open to its neighbourhood, residents and individuals who are involved in a project. The MOB HOUSE itself is particularly appealing to nomadic workers with its 3-in-1 rooms especially. In the same space, an entrepreneur obviously benefits from a bedroom, an office and a meeting room. MOB HOUSE has designed the service to make the life of nomadic workers easier.


  • Metro 

    Mairie de Saint Ouen Metro - Line 14 only 10 mins away
    Garibaldi Metro - Line 13 only 5 mins away

  • Car park 

    Entrance : 20 rue Louis Dain
    93400 saint ouen

    50 places available including 12 electric spaces
    Bike park in the courtyard

    Car prices
    4 hrs: €15
    1 day (24 hrs): €22
    2 days (48 hrs): €40
    3 days (72 hrs): €60

    Bike prices
    4 hrs: €7.5
    1 day (24 hrs): €11
    2 days (48 hrs): €20
    3 days (72 hrs): €30